Community Needs Survey

We need your feedback! Please complete our Community Needs Survey. Your responses

help us learn about our community and how we can better serve older adults, people with

disabilities, and their caregivers.

If you are 60 years old or older and/or have diabetes,

heart disease, lung disease, kidney failure or other

chronic major medical conditions, we recommend you

avoid densely populated community events and consult

this CDC Guidance for Older Adults

Take extra measures to put distance between yourself

and other people to reduce your risk of being exposed:

Stay home as much as possible

Have enough household items and groceries on hand if you need to stay home

Monitor your health and keep in touch with your doctor


Covid-19 Information : Additional information and

resources for Kentuckians on the Coronavirus.

Meals Served to Kentucky Seniors

Kentucky Area Development Districts have served over 5 million meals to seniors. Take a look at this map to see how many meals are served weekly to seniors in Kentucky –

Map of Meals Served

Our Mission

The Bluegrass Area Agency on Aging and Independent Living promotes and provides for the development of community based systems of care which include: planning, access and delivery of services, coordination of activities and programs, and advocacy on behalf of and education for older persons, disabled individuals and caregivers in the communities of the Bluegrass region. Our vision is to maintain or improve quality of life and enable older persons, disabled individuals and caregivers to thrive in their chosen environment with mutual respect, dignity and self-determination.

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Community Needs Survey



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Aging Advisory Council

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 Pathways Guide 2021 is a valuable resource of programs and services for seniors!