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Question: What do all of these things have in common?

Yoga Class= $30
Art Class= $60
Private Cooking Demonstration= $150
Tour of the San Diego Botanic Gardens= $20
Tickets to a rock concert= $80

Answer: They’re all FREE and waiting for you on Uniper click here !


With Uniper it’s easy to connect with loved ones, meet new friends, inspire and be inspired.

Bluegrass Area Agency on Aging and Independent Living believes that everyone deserves access to the care, community and fun that promotes a vibrant, healthy, and fulfilling life. That’s why they have partnered with Uniper to bring you together with a virtual community of people, activities, and inspiring content. And the best part is that it’s safe, easy, and immediately available at no cost to you.
Uniper on-the-go gives you access to a virtual community where you can explore your passions together with others, just like you. And now, Uniper is even easier to access on the web, so you can connect to life at home or on the go. No need to learn a complicated new technology, or take cumbersome equipment with you. All of the Uniper fun is online – safely accessible anywhere you take your connected device – like your smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer.

“You’ll meet a lot of folks that become your family and friends on Uniper.”
– Rodney, member since 2020

Older adults everywhere are finding new friends and exploring new interests together with a community of fun on the Uniper platform. And, with Uniper on the web, you can easily access the fun community, mental and physical fitness classes, virtual events, interactive discussions, live entertainment and more – all at your fingertips with a connected device.

● Stay social and expand your circle of friends
● Interact with peers who share your experiences and interests
● Discover fun new ways to elevate your health and wellness

BGAAAIL is offering all of this at no cost to you!

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Meals Served to Kentucky Seniors

Kentucky Area Development Districts have served over 5 million meals to seniors. Take a look at this map to see how many meals are served weekly to seniors in Kentucky –

Map of Meals Served

Our Mission

The Bluegrass Area Agency on Aging and Independent Living promotes and provides for the development of community based systems of care which include: planning, access and delivery of services, coordination of activities and programs, and advocacy on behalf of and education for older persons, disabled individuals and caregivers in the communities of the Bluegrass region. Our vision is to maintain or improve quality of life and enable older persons, disabled individuals and caregivers to thrive in their chosen environment with mutual respect, dignity and self-determination.

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Family Caregiver Workshop

January 20 9 AM-12PM

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February 7 at 9 am

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Aging Advisory Council

March 8 at 10am

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 Pathways Guide 2022 is a valuable resource of programs and services for seniors!